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April 2010: The KMQ new album, 11

April 2010, Parola, Finland. Davy and Jore are gathered to finish their latest production, a 4 CD box as a new band called The Baltic Moonshine Band —and of course the latest album by The Mescaline Smugglers with Tuomas— when they suddenly get an idea: what about Kvester Melkk? No KMQ album this year?? So they realise that there are some folky stuff made for The Baltic Moonshine Band, there are leftovers from last year, also one session from April 2009 with A.P. Sarjanto with three tracks... Some unused tracks could also be founded from the dark corners of Jore's studio pc - suddenly they had 18 tracks together but no reason at all why these could not form the next Melkkers album. Not bad from the album that shouldn't even exist.

Our guests this time are Tuomas Laitila (bass on Sally, Free And Easy, The Partisan, Waxies' Dargle and Rocky Road To Dublin and piano on Greg's Icecream Machine), A.P. Sarjanto (mandolin on The Partisan, mandolin and tenor banjo on Waxies' Dargle and tenor banjo on Rocky Road To Dublin), and Ilona Ala-Leppilampi plays her heartbreaking violin on Resurrecion Suite.

Greg's Icecream Machine is Jore's humble hommage to Greg Hodgkins, our maybe the most loyal reviewer.