HMS Taavi(2004)

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Donovan's 1971 double album HMS Donovan was the idea behind the title here. The Donovan HMS was a collection of poems for children set to music and the music and lyrics on the KMQ HMS try to capture the same atmosphere that can be found on HMS Donovan. And Taavi is a Finnish form of David. This album was very much a joint venture, with Jore making melodies for 30 of the 32 Davy poems that made up the album.

Most of the tracks are quite short but there's a song here to fit every mood, from the Monty Pythonesque Troglodytes to the Lewis Carroll inspired The Darquals. Some feature Jore singing for the first time - and his voice suits the material very well, adding another layer to the overall effect as a foreign professor on Sum Song and giving a wistful performance on The Travelling Man. As experiments go this is an interesting one that sounds better with each passing year.